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The Path to divorce is never direct, but the end of the road always leads to becoming an “Ex.”  And that is, after all, the goal.  This got me thinking about that expression where “X” marks the “spot,” that coveted place where the treasure is hidden or the destination is reached.  We never really focus on the road or path to it because we know with certainty where that road ends.  In divorce however, it’s often just the opposite.  Focus is not on the end, but mainly the path.  When focus is on the path, becoming an “Ex” gets further and further away.

In doing my homework I found this great image on Google.  I can’t give credit to the artist because no name was found, but it’s as if this artist drew this map exactly for divorce.  It’s one part maze, one part rollercoaster,  and let’s face it, though both can be fun, after a while we get confused, frustrated and even sick.  For those of us who hate rollercoasters, it’s even worse. What I love most about this image is how much the end stands out, reminding us that no matter how winding, circling and dashed the path may be, that “Ex” indeed marks the spot for the end of that dizzying road.



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