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Funny how those carefully plotted divorce tactics can backfire.  The other day I was reading a comment posted by a woman going through a divorce who was devastated that among other things, her husband was telling her prospective employers that his soon to be ex-wife, though a co-founder and fundamental contributor to their successful business, had been only an employee with menial duties.  Somewhere in his mind he must have thought that by keeping her from getting a good job he was ruining her life.  From her perspective he was “winning the battle,” making her feel overwhelmed, insecure, and fearful for her future.  From my perspective, his dastardly deeds were paving the way for a great claim to keep him on the hook for spousal support.

Over the years I have seen countless backfires that have not only stripped the wrongdoers of their arsenal, but strengthened their enemies post!  Here are just a few…

The Husband who planted a listening device into his wife’s car hoping to get evidence to use against her and later found himself facing criminal charges.

The Wife who went on a pre-divorce credit card spending spree to punish her cheating husband and later found herself paying for the debt she unreasonably created.

The  Husband who claimed his Wife’s car was “destroyed” to keep her stranded and was ordered to get her a new one.

The Wife who shouted at the husband that she would “lie in court” to get him out of the house and did not know she was being legally recorded by the Husband who would later play that tape in Court.

The Husband who tried to destroy his Wife’s home oil tank by pouring water in it only to be discovered coming out of the bushes by his humiliated teenage daughter and shocked friends.

Yes, these are all real, and just those that come off the top of my head.  I am sure I have plenty more in the archives but I think the message is pretty clear.  The next time you find yourself scheming of ways to hurt your spouse, make sure it doesn’t blow up in your face.



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