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The absolute best way to find an attorney is to ask around and make sure that the person or people you ask have actually used this attorney.  If someone refers you to an attorney it is usually because he or she had a positive experience with the attorney.  It is not enough to look for "the best" because "the best" is not only subjective, but irrelevant to you and what you need.  Once you get a few names then go ahead and "google" those names and see what comes up.  There are a few reputable websites that provide with lawyer-rated or client-rated attorney listing and reviews.  

You don't need to interview a dozen attorneys to find the right one- you just need to find the one that feels right for you-meaning that (1) he or she kept his appointment and was on time to meet with you; (2) your questions were answered and you learned something during the consult; (3) you were given different approaches on how to proceed; (4) the fee structure was clear; and (5) you were more confident when you left.



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