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600 Old Country Road, Suite 205

Garden City, New York 11530

Garden City, NY Divorce Attorney

125 Park Avenue, 25th Floor

New York, New York 10017

Maria Schwartz PC

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Maria Schwartz


            The quickest way to lose your edge in a divorce is to succumb to emotion.  A divorce is driven not so much by economic factors, but the psychology of the parties.  Separate and apart from the law, my job is to assess the relationship between the parties while married so that I can strategize and prepare my client for what will go on in the divorce. If your wife or husband knows your weaknesses, buttons will be pushed and bad decisions or outcomes will result.  Keeping my clients confident and in control of their behaviors and emotions is key to their success. 

"Never Let Them See You Sweat."



"Ms. Schwartz represented me through my divorce. She was my pillar of strength throughout the entire journey. I could count on her to be there for me to answer questions and offer advice. In court she was strong and always argued for my best interests with conviction. My divorce took many twists and turns and she stood by my side and ensured that I would surface from these dark days with my integrity intact, my pocketbook secure and most of all that my child and I were safe and could move forward after my divorce..."


"Maria has been representing me in my very difficult divorce. She has been attentive and caring since the first day I walked into her office over two years ago. I was very naive in my expectations and Maria was able to clearly communicate the divorce process to me. I was very concerned about the welfare of my child and Maria always respected and valued that. I have found that many divorce lawyers become immune to the emotional hardships of a divorce. They see only the law(and money). Maria was able to provide me with the perfect balance of emotional support and professionalism. She was always honest, tough but caring. It was exactly what I needed..."


"Maria was the THIRD lawyer I hired during my divorce. She did an excellent job representing me, and correcting many of the mistakes my prior lawyer's had made. With Maria's guidance and well thought out strategy I was able to finalize my divorce quickly and effectively after having it drag on for 2.5 years prior to her involvement."


"After interviewing more than half a dozen attorneys I realized that Maria stood out head and shoulders from everyone else. This was extremely important because I knew that my situation wasn’t going to be amicable and I needed the best representation to get through this painful ordeal. Maria's extremely intelligent, knowledgable and very well respected in her field. She has always been extremely attentive and prepared, responsive to emails and calls, and I never felt like she was looking to just churn fees. Many firms will charge you for copies of a document , stamps , and any way they can generate additional revenue .... Maria doesn't operate that way.

       "Maria was very sensitive to my situation and extremely supportive throughout the entire process. And I always felt like I was a priority client. During the divorce proceedings I became very sick and along with handling my case she was very supportive in just helping me get through a difficult time and she checked on me like I was family and made sure my health was the upmost priority. I don’t recall ever receiving any charges for any of the additional help she provided while I was hospitalized. Along with being extremely supportive Maria and her staff have been extremely professional throughout the entire process..."


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